Ethereum Android

Your mobile Portal to Ethereum

A modular Platform to securely connect Ethereum-based Blockchains with mobile Phones.

"You can think of Ethereum Android as a completely secure, hermetic environment, which uses hybrid encryption on top of Android’s own keystore to provide maximum security on the inside. Every connection to the Blockchain is only done via trusted endpoints using certificate pinning and end-to-end encryption."
Jan Petendi, CTO

Blockchain Technology is here to revolutionize the way we make business, track and transact assets, and run governments.

We have designed this platform to support any Use Case where mobile Blockchain solutions are needed.

Modular Architecture for Seamless Integration

Ethereum Android was built with flexibility in mind.

To support a wide variety of existing technical Infrastructure, the modular plugin architecture allows to combine different parts for an ideal solution.


Projects built on Ethereum Android

Designed as a multi-purpose platform, Ethereum Android is already being used in diverse projects.


A platform for automating business processes with blockchain technology. It offers a framework to associate real world assets with smart contracts.

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Combining Blockchain Technology with Mesh Networks, Blockmesh will provide internet access and cost-free communication to underdeveloped countries.

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A ridesharing app that rewards users for their carbon emission reduction.

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A socio-economic network, which will accomplish access to working opportunities for people all over the planet and ensures the remuneration of valuable work.

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